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  • Screening Summary

    Our presentation is around 35 mins and we encourage questions and interaction with our attendees. We specialize in: Interactive Production Augmented Reality Game Production Creative Technology   Who should attend: Digital Production staff Creative Technologists Producers   What people are saying: “9K9 is a fantastic company” Jeff Benjamin – Chief Digital JWT   “Wow if…

  • Rubicon Project Marketplace Report

    Rubicon Project Marketplace Report

    Rubicon Project Marketplace Report Brief Since surpassing Google this past August as the furthest reaching digital ad network, Rubicon Project has continued to show why they are industry thought leaders in the Real Time Bidding (RTB) space. Rubicon Project contacted us to develop their Marketplace Report, which was to replace the monthly PDF with an…

  • ABM Metropolis Website

    ABM Metropolis Website

    Brief ABM commissioned us to build a complete digital experience that would not only showcase their services but also drive engagement and conversions. ABM provides building maintenance and facility management for commercial properties and their services run the gamut from cleaning to energy management. Ultimately, we designed a website and accompanying mobile apps to be…

  • Asics Banner Campaign
  • Band Aid Muppets Augmented Reality

    Band Aid Muppets Augmented Reality

    Band Aid Muppets Augmented Reality 9K9, the Interactive Advertising Production company headed by Bo Opfer, was awarded a Gold Lion at the Cannes 2012 International Festival of Creativity. 9K9 oversaw creation of a mobile app that is the heart of Johnson & Johnson’s BAND-AID® Magic Vision campaign. The app uses augmented reality technology to show…

  • Mazda 2

    Mazda 2

    Client: Mazda 2 Mackevision created the Mazda 2 launch, creating many high-resolution gallery shots of the car’s interior and exterior. Accenting the visual appeal of an entry-level car was a challenge, so we worked with renowned automotive photographer Bob Stevens to create a truly “studio-level” lighting set-up. The customized lighting accentuated the car’s lines, making…

  • Ford Focus Banners
  • Ford Explorer – Website

    Ford Explorer – Website

    Client: Ford Explorer When Ford needed to build a website showcasing their Explorer SUV, they turned to 9k9. It was a perfect match. We constructed a CG version of the Explorer, shot actor/comic Kevin Hart against a blue screen talking about the SUV, and developed the look for the site. “We were able to complete…

  • Anthem Blue Cross Banners

    Anthem Blue Cross Banners

      Anthem Blue Cross Banners

  • Sony Vaio Banner
  • 9K9 – Car Reel
  • Debeers – A Diamond is Forever Website

    Debeers – A Diamond is Forever Website

    Client: JWT Services Provided:Modeling, Lighting and Effects Description:JWT contacted 9K9 to create photo realistic three-dimensional models of eight pieces of jewelry for DeBeers’ upcoming website project “Everlon Love Knots –”. 9K9 made these models in Maya and used the Maya files to render out high-resolution image sequences that are being used as 360-degree quick-time…

  • Radio Shack – “The Shack” Banners

    Radio Shack – “The Shack” Banners

    Client: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners Services Provided:Web Development and Flash AS3 Development Description:Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners contacted 9K9 about creating four unique banner advertisements to support Radio Shack’s Christmas advertising campaign. However, when the concepts where approved by Radio Shack, they liked them so much they asked if it was possible to have…

  • Russell Athletics – Outdoors Website APX-G2

    Russell Athletics – Outdoors Website APX-G2

    Client: Richards Group Click Here Services Provided:Web Development and Flash AS3 Development Description:Click Here Inc. contacted 9K9 to see if we could create a website for one of their clients within a very limited time-frame, and we agreed to take on the project after reviewing the assets and scope of the project. From these assets…

  • Infiniti – Web Banners

    Infiniti – Web Banners

    Client: TBWA/Chiat/Day Services Provided:Web Development and Flash AS3 Development Description:9K9 was asked by TBWA/Chiat/Day’s interactive media arm Tequila\ to create web banner advertisements to support Infiniti’s current press and broadcast campaigns. Some of the key requirements of these advertisements were that they needed to have a rapid load time, authentically represent the Infiniti brand i.e.…

  • Nissan – Rogue Website and Banners

    Nissan – Rogue Website and Banners

    Client: TBWA/Chiat/Day Services Provided:Game Development, Web Development and Flash AS3 Development Description:TBWA\Chiat/Day, Tequila created an amazing concept for showing off the nimble handling of Nissan’s new crossover vehicle – The Rogue. Tequila executed all of the concepting, coding and flash work, and turned to 9K9 to create the CG and graphic assets, including some Paper-vision…

  • Puma – You Vs. Bolt

    Puma – You Vs. Bolt

    Client: Beam Services Provided:Game Development, and Flash AS3 Development Description:In an effort to publicize that Usian Bolt the fastest man in the world wears Puma shoes, Puma commissioned 9K9 to create a game based on the 80s classic arcade game Konomi crack and Field The game we created features the player as a stylized hand…

  • Taco Bell – Website

    Taco Bell – Website

    Client: Draft FCB Services Provided:Web Development and CG Modeling Description:DraftFCB contacted 9K9 about creating a website for Taco Bell’s upcoming “It’s all about the Roosevelts” promotion for their “Why Pay More” value menu, they had a one page design composition and a very short timeline to produce the project. While many of the creative aspects of…

  • Ford – F150 Website

    Ford – F150 Website

    Services Provided:Flash Description:The Ford F-150 is the best selling car in the world, so we were very excited to be able to work on this project. We initially shot a lot of live footage that was intended to be blended with smaller clips of CG cars. Turned out that we needed both a CG environment…

  • Nissan – Murano Banner Ads

    Nissan – Murano Banner Ads

    Client: TBWA\Chiat\Day Description:TBWA\Chiat\Day commissioned 9K9 to create a package of CG assets for the Nissan Murano online campaign. We constructed the interior/exterior of the vehicle in CG, and then built the environment based on Tequila\ creative. Working to dial in the color of the sky, the amount of haze in the air and the shape…

  • Ford – Mustang Website

    Ford – Mustang Website

    Client:JWT Team Detroit Description:Ford’s Mustang website provided a great platform for us to meld CG and Flash interactive elements, fulfilling the client’s vision for a truly engaging web experience.  It was a fun challenge.  The client wanted a live action feel for the site, and we initially shot footage…but quickly hit the practical limits of…

  • Playstation 3 Greatest Hits Banner

    Playstation 3 Greatest Hits Banner

      Playstation 3 Greatest Hits Banner