Russell Athletics – Outdoors Website APX-G2

Client: Richards Group Click Here

Services Provided:
Web Development and Flash AS3 Development

Click Here Inc. contacted 9K9 to see if we could create a website for one of their clients within a very limited time-frame, and we agreed to take on the project after reviewing the assets and scope of the project. From these assets we created the website for Russell Outdoor  APX-G2 product line. There are several key features that had to be incorporated into the development of the site, including lots of Easter eggs and animated items, realistic looking page turning, custom interactive map of the North America that indicates states with retail outlets which is up-datable via a simple XML file, and finally a Dynamic HTML that allows the site to be indexed and search by the major search engines. With these specifications in mind, we choose Flex and Action Script 3 as the primary development tools. Once we received the assets from Click Here Inc. we created the initial build of the site in less then two weeks. We then used this initial build as a basis to create the final website based on client feedback. The quality and assurance testing and final build our of the website took less than 10 days. Even with the rapid development schedule, the website included all of the original functionality and extras added during the final build. The resulting site seamlessly integrated into the client back-end and satisfies the client’s request for flexibility, stability, and update-ability.