Radio Shack – “The Shack” Banners

Client: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

Services Provided:
Web Development and Flash AS3 Development

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners contacted 9K9 about creating four unique banner advertisements to support Radio Shack’s Christmas advertising campaign. However, when the concepts where approved by Radio Shack, they liked them so much they asked if it was possible to have these units ready for the “Back to School” advertising campaign. This left us with less than three weeks to create, test, and launch these units. There were several complicating factors that could have stopped us from launching the units on time, the first one was that the actual concepts for these units were little more than one page designs, the second factor was these units would leverage the newly created Double Click Studio project, and the final technical issue was that one of the units had to banner units that needed to communicate with each other to sync timing. After reviewing these items, we assured Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners we could complete these units in time. Finally, these units had to comply with standard banner advertising practices for most sites and a few unique units that conformed to specific site specifications like Sports Illustrated, etc. 9K9 performed the creative work, production, development, tested, and deployed the banner ads in less than three weeks. The final results speak from themselves, all the technical requirements were met, and the client has reported that these banners have returned the highest click-through of any banner they have created to date.