Taco Bell – Website

Client: Draft FCB

Services Provided:
Web Development and CG Modeling

DraftFCB contacted 9K9 about creating a website for Taco Bell’s upcoming “It’s all about the Roosevelts” promotion for their “Why Pay More” value menu, they had a one page design composition and a very short timeline to produce the project. While many of the creative aspects of the website were left up to 9K9 to create, the project did have significant technical specification that needed to be achieved. A few of the important technical requirement are the ability of the website needed to work well over high and low bandwidth connections, stream four versions of the music video by the “Roosevelts” created for this campaign through Akamai, include search optimization tags created by Search Mojo, and integrate web analytics from Omniture. In consideration of these specifications we decided to develop the website in Flash. The creative process for the website started with taking the design composition board and creating a pre-visualization of the animation and models we will used to create the site. All of the assets and animations for the site where created by 9K9’s talented artistic team. Once the client approved the pre-visualizations the graphics production team delivered the final renderings to the Flash development team to create the website. The Flash development team customized the Flash video player to obtain a custom user interface in addition to this they also customized a sound spectrum analyzer to control the movement of the speakers. 9K9 performed the created, tested, and deployed the entire website in less than three weeks. The final results speak from themselves, all the technical requirements were met, the client has report that the site is returning gooduser numbers and has remained easy to update and maintain. The client was extremely pleased with the artistic results saying “The site looks great!!!!” and “Fantastic results for such a short timetable!”