Nissan – Murano Banner Ads

Client: TBWA\Chiat\Day

TBWA\Chiat\Day commissioned 9K9 to create a package of CG assets for the Nissan Murano online campaign.

We constructed the interior/exterior of the vehicle in CG, and then built the environment based on Tequila\ creative. Working to dial in the color of the sky, the amount of haze in the air and the shape of the mountains in the distance was a fun challenge.

Once the models were approved, we worked from Tequila\ creative to generate CG assets for a number of executions, including animating a series of Ad Pods that featured the Murano driving across the desert environment. The Ad Pods ended in a Tequila\ programmed seamless user-controllable 360 flash interface. The Ad Pods were featured on MSN and Yahoo front pages during the campaign.