Nissan – Rogue Website and Banners

Client: TBWA/Chiat/Day

Services Provided:
Game Development, Web Development and Flash AS3 Development

TBWA\Chiat/Day, Tequila created an amazing concept for showing off the nimble handling of Nissan’s new crossover vehicle – The Rogue. Tequila executed all of the concepting, coding and flash work, and turned to 9K9 to create the CG and graphic assets, including some Paper-vision assets. Banner ads placed The Rogue into playable 80’s-like video games similar to Pong, Pac-Man, Marble Madness, and Break Out, showing off the features of The Rogue in the games. We created CG assets for all the games, along with interstitial animations, which included building a fully textured CG model of New York’s Soho district from scratch using well over 40 million polygons.  These animations gave our Tera-hertz render farm something really fun to chew on. The client loved the work, and this led to creating additional CG assets for The Designory to be used on Nissan’s Rogue website, including the opening transition into the marble city, as well as the interactive turntables.