Mazda 2

Client: Mazda 2

Mackevision created the Mazda 2 launch, creating many high-resolution gallery shots of the car’s interior and exterior.

Accenting the visual appeal of an entry-level car was a challenge, so we worked with renowned automotive photographer Bob Stevens to create a truly “studio-level” lighting set-up. The customized lighting accentuated the car’s lines, making it seem larger and more appealing.

Lighting the interior was an especially difficult task – made even more so because the fabric interior is black throughout. But working with Mazda’s 3D assets and our rendering process, we lit the interior in ways that would not be possible in the real world. For instance, each of the seats is illuminated by lights that only affect the seats, not the entire car.

Mazda was extremely happy, and the shots are used throughout the current “Mazda USA” site, as well as in print materials..