Band Aid Muppets Augmented Reality

Band Aid Muppets Augmented Reality

9K9, the Interactive Advertising Production company headed by Bo Opfer, was awarded a Gold Lion at the Cannes 2012 International Festival of Creativity.

9K9 oversaw creation of a mobile app that is the heart of Johnson & Johnson’s BAND-AID® Magic Vision campaign. The app uses augmented reality technology to show 3D CGI versions of Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo on the user’s mobile device, merged with a child’s real-life surroundings.

Designed to entertain, the app features Kermit the Frog sitting on a swing, singing and playing banjo, fabulous Miss Piggy stiking a pose on a red carpet, and Gonzo the Great attempting a daredevil stunt. The app also allows the viewer to interact with each of the Muppets – snapping Miss Piggy’s picture, or tilting their device to let Kermit swing.

Ultimately, the app makes Muppets fans feel better and forget about their boo-boos.

The free app is now available for iOS devices (iPhone 4S or iPad 2+) in the Apple App Store. To learn more about the app visit:

Jeff Benjamin, JWT’s chief creative officer for North America says “We’re honored to be recognized with this award, and I’m extremely proud of the client and agency teams that poured their hearts into the project.”

Said 9K9 CEO and Creative Director, Bo Opfer: “We’re very pleased to recieve this award. We were working with an awesome agency, who provided fantastic creative work. We were happy to be part of it.”

Chief Creative Officers: Jeff Benjamin, Matt MacDonald, Ryan Kutscher
Executive Creative Director: Eric Weisberg
Creative Directors: Josh Shabtai, Rachel Birnbaum, Yana Hunt
Art Director: Bianca Guimaraes
Director of Creative Technology: Martin Legowiecki
Chief Integration Officer, North America: Mike Geiger
Chief Creative Innovation Officer, JWT New York: James Cooper
Head of Production: Sergio Lopez
Directors of Digital Production: Suzanne Molinaro, Paul Sutton
Senior User Experience Strategist: Jon Fishel
Digital Producer: Vanessa Scanlan
Business Director: Chris Wilson
Account Executives: Kate Larado, Calais Zagarow
BAND-AID® Brand Team (Johnson & Johnson): Bryant Ison, Sean Adee
Director of Technology: Ricky Bacon
Technical Lead: William Mincy
Unity Programmer: Won Kim
iOS Developers: Karl Catigibe, Christine Reindl
Brand Director, Content Production: Caroline Coleman
Content Producer: Mustafa Imam
Project Manager: Joe Marra
Art Buyer: Richard Cardinali
Music Producer: Dan Burt