Ford Explorer – Website

Client: Ford Explorer

When Ford needed to build a website showcasing their Explorer SUV, they turned to 9k9. It was a perfect match. We constructed a CG version of the Explorer, shot actor/comic Kevin Hart against a blue screen talking about the SUV, and developed the look for the site.

“We were able to complete this production for about one-third the cost of a traditional studio shoot” says Bo Opfer, 9K9’s CEO and Creative Director. “By building the SUV and interiors ourselves, we eliminated the need for an expensive cut-away car, and cut production time down by 75 percent.”

The site features Kevin Hart (Little Fokkers, Def Comedy Jam) standing next to the SUV in a variety of environments. “Ford wanted to emphasize the Explorer’s new Terrain Management System, so we placed Kevin and the SUV in different environments digitally” says Opfer. For scenes on a beach, sand was brought into the studio for Hart to stand on, and to simulate a cold, snow-covered environment, 9k9 added digital effects to allow Hart’s breath to be seen.

9k9 is proud of creating the SUV interior entirely in the computer. “Everyone knows lighting an automobile interior is extremely difficult and time consuming” says Opfer, “but CG allows us to painstakingly light the interior and match it to the photography of the actor. Plus, these digital assets of the SUV interior can be repurposed for print ads, broadcast spots, games, or anything else. And if Ford makes changes to the interior for the 2012 version, the CG version of the car can be easily updated and re-used in the future.”

Lower cost, perfect lighting, re-usable digital elements, and fast turnaround time are just some of the reasons why Ford’s Agency Uniworld turned to 9k9.  Opfer says “With over 14 years of experience, we’ve developed the ability to tackle any challenge, taking you through every step, from the first strategy session, to the final launch of the project, to continued support down the road.”